Final Farewell Download


Your final farewell digital download provides an introduction to the questions and decisions you need to answer, and a way to inform your family and friends.

In this file you find the following:
1. Check list to guide you through the planning process
2. 44-page spreadsheet to help you gathering & organize your private information and thoughts.
3. Guide & (1) access code to file a quick & simple living will through Five Wishes (Aging with Dignity)
4. (Coming Soon) Information on after-death alternatives. This will be emailed to you later this month.

Made by: : The 8th House Collection


Congrats on taking the first step in acknowledging the harsh reality check that we call death and dying. We, at The 8th House Collection, understand that it is not easy or comfortable to face the fact that one day we will no longer be able to stop and smell the roses, listen to the roll of the ocean, or hold our loved ones near. But these difficult thoughts are ones that we all need to accept in order to mentally prepare for the inevitable and enjoy every moment we have on this planet. We applaud and thank you for joining the movement to change how our society views these “morbid” topics.


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